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2 Types of Channel Partners

TableUp Channel Partner Program

Create Lasting & Profitable Relationships

Join our partner program and start selling the all-in-one guest engagement platform for restaurants that will create happier and stickier relationships with your customers.

All-in-one guest engagement platform

1) Referral Partners - an easy and profitable way to partner with TableUp

Referral partners earn a spiff for every restaurant that becomes a customer after their referral.  Partners can also earn a spiff for every restaurant location that closes through a referral partner in their downline.


Simply qualify the lead and enter it into the system, then TableUp handles the rest.

Who is the referral program right for?

There are many different partners who find that our referral program is a good fit.  Liquor & beer distributors, facilities and kitchen equipment, professional services, and other fields that have little or no connection with FOH operations, technology, or guest marketing will often find that by simply introducing their customers to TableUp, they are able to strengthen their relationship and increase income.

The Referral Partner option might also be appropriate for POS, Credit Card Processing, and other salespeople of complimentary services that wish to take advantage of their relationships without being involved in the sales process.

2) Reseller Partners - earn revenue for the life of the account

TableUp is an easy sell to both independent restaurants and chains.  Not only will it make your customers happy, TableUp can also make your existing products more sticky through product integrations.  We offer two tiers of reseller partnerships with increasing residual percentages based on results.


Resellers receive a residual for every location they close, every month, for the life of the account.

Who is the reseller program right for?

POS resellers, restaurant consultants, marketing professionals, and credit card processors will likely find our reseller option to be a great fit.

Micros, Aloha & POSitouch resellers especially will find that by integrating TableUp into existing customers, their relationship becomes much more sticky since now the POS system is connected to the host stand and mobile apps.  TableUp is also a great way to start building a relationship with customers who don't currently need a new POS system, but will eventually.

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Excellent food and attentive service!  The use of technology to manage wait times is clever and minimizes boredom and frustration.

Mark Fraiser

Marketing Director at Company

Love the table waiting notification system!  We will be regulars!

Susan Bone

Advertising Director at Agency

Food is always terrific, but absolutely love your texting services to let us know how many ahead of us.  Great going using technology.

James Cohen

Sales Manager at Brand

All customer onboarding, training, and support is handled by TableUp

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